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Highlights :

      Automobile Carriers starts International Road Transportation.     Automobile Carriers ties up with Tata Motors, Eicher and Birla tyres for Driver Training.      Automobile Carriers gets rewarded as best On-time and Damage-Free Delivery Transporter from Maruti Suzuki.

Fast, reliable, and qualitative. That how our logistics and transportation solutions are. We also understand our clients' need to meet or exceed their expectations every single time we do business with them.

Automobile Carriers is a pioneering logistics company in its third generation. As a family owned company with main offices in Gurgaon and Guwahati with presence across India, we have grown into a nationwide network of more than hundreds of people.

We believe in continuity and reliability, and recognize that satisfied customers are the key to grow our business. Our aim is to help our associates satisfy their customers, and for that we go an extra mile to deliver effective solutions.

Commitment towards efficient, reliable and sustainable business enterprise while ensuring :

•Client satisfaction.

•Adherence to business ethics.

•Enhancing staff employability.


Guided by relentless focus, we will constantly strive to position ourselves as a leading logistics and transportation service provider. If we can satisfy our customers with the latest technology and absolute service, we can expand into other service categories beyond our current offerings.


Our vision is to make every experience extraordinary for our clients by integrating technology and smart transport system with business intelligence, integrity and professionalism. We also seek to minimize carbon footprint by maximizing output at every level.

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